Oldest Continuously Active Volunteer Fire Department in the U.S.A.

"Be Sure You're Right, Then Go Ahead"

Name of Officer Retired Rank Years in Office
Richard Steiner Legal Advisor 43 Years
Llyod Gomez Financial Secretary 40 Years
Robert Black Fire Chief 33 Years
Luke LaBruzza, Sr. Fire Chief 31 Years
Gordon Carbo President 31 Years
Roy Cascio President 30 Years
Bernard Covell, Jr. Fire Chief 25 Years
Anthony Labruzza 1st Assistant Chief 25 Years
Terry Thibodaux President 25 Years
Rev. Francis Carabello Chaplain 25 Years
Russell Gomez President 23 Years
Daniel Dauterive, Sr. Captain 22 Years
Jack Weigel Captain 18 Years
E.J. Babineaux Captain 14 Years
Louis Guillot, Sr. 2nd Assistant Foreman 13 Years
Lynn Coyne Captain 12 Years
J.J. Horne Secretary 12 Years
Chris Berthelot Assistant Chief 11 Years
George Bernetz, Jr. Fire Chief 11 Years
Michael McAuliffe Secretary 11 Years
Greer Coyne Vice President 10 Years
Jackie Berthelot Captain 10 Years
J. Marc Sancho, Jr. Vice President 10 Years
Wayne Rau President 10 Years


Central Station

1136 Lafayette St.

Gretna, LA 70053

P: 504-363-1494